Quality Management System
In the Quality “we,” “us,” and “our” means PriCells or PriCells affiliate that is processing this order or purchase of goods or products or materials, and “customer”, “you” and “your” means the person, university, hospitals, institute, organization, unites, company or other legal entity that orders or buys goods or products or materials from PriCells and  each case their respective successors and/or assigns.

Our Goal
PriCells is endowed in Quality.  PriCells prides in designing products and services that meet high Quality standard as well as building energetic processes to ensure that PriCells meet customers' requirements.  PriCells goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing the best products, services, support, quality and innovative solutions.  Quality is built into the foundation of PriCells 's business and we pride ourselves in a dedicated Quality team. These products are suitable for research applications, and  appropriate circumstances, as raw material components in further manufacturing applications.  It is the end user's responsibility to qualify these products for their specific application.  These products have not been qualified for, nor are they intended for any animal or human therapeutic uses.


NOT Be Good, BE The Best!

PriCells Quality Policy
Superior product quality and customer service driven by Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction, and Innovative Scientific Research

Our vision of quality is based on the following principles:

      • Quality is determined by our customers

      • Quality means understanding and exceeding customer expectations

      • Quality begins at top management

      • Quality is woven into the fabric of our business

      • Quality needs to be integrated into the entire product management lifecycle

      • Quality is measurable and transparent

      • There is always room to improve

PriCells commitment to quality is integral to our global business foundation and what sets us apart from our competition.  Every employee around the globe from senior management through all levels of our organization is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.  Our commitment is to continually strive to improve the overall quality, consistency and reliability of our products and services to support our customer's scientific endeavors.

Quality Management System, which outlines the policies, procedures, and processes, supports this commitment.

PriCells Quality Management System considers the entire product management lifecycle, from design to production to gaining feedback from our customers on how to improve.  We participate in an annual certification process to leverage external insights on how to continuously improve our Quality Management System as a whole.  PriCells global certification is important to us as it supports our commitment to our customers around the world.

Quality Management System is comprised of critical areas such as:

     •  Ensuring all our staff is trained to effectively support all customer needs related both to science and service

     •  Ensuring all equipment used to design, manufacture and test product are qualified, calibrated, and maintained

     • Stringent supplier qualification and management process to ensure suppliers are selected for their ability to provide materials and/or services that ensures

        consistent quality and dependable supply

     • Comprehensive traceability of components and products

     •  Same global quality standards for all our facilities around the world

     •  Continuous improvement mandate which has shifted our culture toward teams, employee engagement, open communications and has helped identify  new ways

         of improving our products, processes, quality and customer satisfaction

     • Corrective and Preventative Action Program

     •   Internal auditing all critical processes

PriCells Process
PriCells Quality is a process-centered approach to ensuring that we provide the best possible products and services.  The goal is to ensure excellence is inherent in every product and service we provide to our customers.  PriCells ensures that our products, whether they are new or improved are produced with the highest quality materials, in the most comprehensive way and with the highest standards.  Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations using a robust and accountable process to deliver products that will help you advance your research and business.

Our Product Management Lifecycle includes the following formal stages:

     • Defining design and test requirements

     •  Prototype or pilot batch

     •  Intensive Quality Control Testing

     •  Scale-up

     •  Stability Testing

     •  Post Market Surveillance

Dual Benefit for the Customer: Quality and Experience
Our customers define quality each and every day in the way they use and view our products and interact with our services.  Our customers include scientists around the world both academic and industrial alike, all striving to advance stem cell research. PriCells will provide you with the highest quality products to ensure your success.  We put our customers first and continuously strive to provide the highest level of excellence and value.  We are committed to quality, innovation and continual improvement in the products, services and support that we offer you.  Quality is essential to enabling our customers to capture their innovative advantage.  Quality and innovation work hand in hand; they facilitate excellence, improve your business processes and increase your chance of success in the market place.  Quality is about driving improvement today, tomorrow and far into the future. ‘Scientist helping Scientists' is our company's mantra and the founding principle that drives our approach to quality.  We embed these quality principles each and every day as we partner with you and all of our other customers to engage the process of innovation.

Your advantages at a glance:

     • Global Experience

     •  High Quality Standards

     •  Confidence

     •  Cutting edge innovation

     •  Reliability

     •  Customer Proximity

     •  Worldwide presence

     •  Supply Chain Continuity

     •  Understanding the global regulatory landscape

The Voice of the Customer
Customer feedback is an essential component in our continuous improvement initiatives, which enable PriCells to understand what issues are important to you and to improve the performance of our global operations on a focused basis.  This is achieved using surveys', customer visits, customer audits, compliments, complaints and inquiries.  These inputs are carefully reviewed and continuously measured and corrective actions put in place to ensure our customer's expectations are exceeded.

Maximize Quality & Minimize Risk
PriCells strives to mitigate risks to our business and to our customers.  It is our priority to analyze our projects, products and processes through a risk analysis lens.

     • Risk analysis of all product types

     • Risk plans for critical products

     • Supply continuity plans

     • Supplier Evaluation Program

PriCells Products and other materials for Science Research ONLY

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